Project Description

Businesses are commonly interested in understanding the source of leads which come through the business website. This information is helpful in efficiently budgeting marketing spend.

In our experience, most business completely ignore phone call conversions. Recently though, we implemented a pretty basic call tracking solution to bridge this gap for one small local business.

Call Tracking Integration

First, we implemented CallRail, a low-cost call tracking solution. In a nutshell, it works like this:

  • The website is allocated a ‘pool’ of about 10 phone numbers which rotate as new users visit the website
  • When a number is called, it is tied to the user who was tracked using a cookie
  • Data about the user’s source (pay per click, organic search, email campaign) is then passed with the call conversion to Google Analytics.

Call Information

CallRail is a great solution with passed the visitor’s traffic source, phone number, name (sometimes) and the duration of the call. With this call tracking solution, recording phone calls is also an option (of course, the end user is notified of all recordings).

The end results?

  • Excellent visibility of which traffic sources cause users to call this local business
  • Caller data such as name, location and call recordings

Sound interesting?

Implementation is fairly easy, contact us to learn more.