Project Description

RJM Homes has long been a client of WebGumption’s. One of our more-recent projects was to develop a marketing automation system. The goal of this project was to turn RJM’s happy customers into advocates.

Project Goals

  1. Turn RJM’s happy customers into brand advocates
  2. Increase RJM’s social media exposure
  3. Update RJM’s customers on project news
  4. Do all the above with very little administrative support.

Marketing Automation Solution

WebGumption developed a system where RJM’s project supervisors could send real time photos from the field to customers’ email inboxes. How it works:

  1. RJM’s supervisors take home photos in the field via a smart phone app.
  2. Photos are then automatically emailed to the appropriate RJM customers.
  3. Photos are dynamically added to RJM’s blog.
  4. RJM customers share the photos and blog posts online to update their friends and families on their new home project.

In the end, RJM and their customers are very happy with this light-weight marketing solution.