Starting a new company or just getting savvy with the online world? Here’s how you add a company page to LinkedIn, for free.

Step 1: What is your company name?

First, visit the Add a Company page on LinkedIn. Enter your business name and email address.


Step 2: Give LinkedIn all the gory details!

Next, LinkedIn is going to ask for tons of information about your company, including a description, type of company (public/private), size, website, year founded, etc. they also ask you to assign admins to the LinkedIn page for your company (these can be changed at any time).  You’ll need to upload logos at this time (100×60 and 50×50 pixel versions) and a header image (646×220 pixels).

Tip: Don’t rush through this step! Tell LinkedIn everything (relevant) detail in the world about your company. It will affect your search visibility.


That’s about it. One last step might be to add a link from your website and other social media profiles to your newly-added LinkedIn company page. This will help the page get ranked quicker so that it appears alongside your website and other social profiles in search.

Hope this helped! In case you were wondering, here is Web Gumption on LinkedIn.